Year 1 suggested websites

Here are some suggested websites.

We will add to this in the event of a closure


Khan academy on youtube - eg khan academy equivalent…

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As part of our topic 'Bright Lights, Big City' we made some London taxis. We started exploring toys with wheels and looking at their parts. We then experimented with different ways of fixing the axle and chasis. From our testing we came up with a design criteria and made our own taxis. Finally we…

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In Year 1 we have been learning about different materials and their properties. We used our sense of touch to test the properties of some materials, whether they changed in our hands and whether their properties changed when mixed with another material. 

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Year 1 went to visit St Francis church to have an explore and see what signs and symbols we could find. We learnt about what things were called and what they are for. We then used this knowledge to create our own churches back in class. We worked as part of a team with a special job, just like our…

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Royal Tea Party

In Year 1 we are starting a new topic called Bright Lights, Big City where we will be learning all about London. We began our topic by learning all about our Queen and having a royal tea party. At royal tea parties you have to dress smartly so we came in our best outfits!  We had a special visit…

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George the dog

As part of our Paws, Claws and Whiskers topic we are learning about how to look after animals. We interviewed Miss Ramsey and her dog George. We learnt about what he likes to eat, what tricks he can do, how often he needs walking and how old he is. 

We loved meeting George! Thank you Miss…

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Manchester United Champions

On Wednesday 4th December our fantastic Year 1 football team took part in the Year 1 Manchester United competition and came 1st Place! They were an absolute credit to the school and worked very hard to achieve their title. 

Each child brought their own strengths and skills to the team and…

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Dunham Massey Trip

Year 1 went on a very exciting trip to Dunham Massey as part of our Enchanted Woodland topic.  Despite the extremely cold weather, we all had a fantastic time! We took part in a range of activities exploring more of the woodland and autumn season. We enjoyed: pond dipping, look at animal habitats,…

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Enchanted Woodland party

To celebrate the end of our Enchanted Woodland topic we had a woodland party in Year 1. We wore our woodland crowns that we made, made some Gruffalo knobbly knees (cornflake cakes), made dens and used our art skills to make some woodland animals. 


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Unplugged coding in Year 1

Year 1 have been busy coding all half term, they have written detailed instructions in the correct order, planned and tested a Beebot journey and used the Beebot app on the iPads. 


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Mini Woodlands

In Year 1 we have been learning all about the woodland. Today we continued our learning through some geography. We made our own mini Woodlands outside using natural materials and construction. We thought about the different features we would find in a woodland and what we wouldn't find. We also…

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Bog Baby Hunt

To introduce our new class story we went on a Bog Baby hunt. First we searched the woodland but we didn't find the Bog Baby. Then we hunted through the meadow but we didn't find the Bog Baby. After that we peeked over the hills but we didn't find the Bog Baby. Finally we looked in the pond and we…

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