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19 September 2019

Printing for Perfectly Norman

We have been reading a book called Perfectly Norman. It is all about a boy called Norman who grew some wings and felt embarrassed so covered them up. This was not very nice for him and in the end he decides to show everyone his wings. We learnt that there is no such thing as "normal&quo...

19 September 2019

Roman Warriors

We turned into Roman Warriors this afternoon. We learnt all about the Roman Empire and how it spread and conquered many countries. We learnt about the Roman Army, how sophisticated and successful it was. After making sure we passed the physical exam, collecting our spears (hockey sticks) and shie...

10 September 2019

Hola Mexico!

Year 6 had loads of fun enyoying Mr Knapper's Mexican dancing! We all joined in! Then, the children followed instructions and measured ingredients to make Latin limeade and Sangrita. Everyone loved the quesadillas. Some children made more at home!   

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